Everything you need to know about online casino verification

Everything you need to know about online casino verification

Nowadays players in online casinos are offered the greatest possible comfort. Simple registration, a variety of payment methods and fast money transfers are standard in order to be able to play with real money as quickly as possible. Registration takes just a few steps, after which you can immediately deposit money into your account, which is now available for almost all deposit and withdrawal methods.

In order to prevent money laundering and to guarantee protection of minors, however, the casinos have to verify each account once. This is where online casino verification comes in. For players, this means that proof of identity must be provided, which is sometimes provided with the registration, but at the latest before the first payout. With us you can find out what online casino verification is all about and which documents are required for it.

This is how the online casino verification works

As soon as a transaction with real money takes place on the Internet, online casinos as well as merchants must obtain information about their customers. This is also known as KYC for “Know Your Customer”, which means “Know Your Customer” and refers to a European law on protection against money laundering and terrorist financing.

At the same time, minors are not allowed to play in an online casino and people who are on a blacklist cannot simply play in another casino.

Therefore, proof of identity is required to confirm personal information from all players. If this takes place before the first payout, this can delay the payout. The online casinos do not do this to annoy their customers, they simply abide by the law and protect players equally. Because proof of identity can also prevent identity theft and payment fraud. As annoying as this step may be, in the end it shows the seriousness of the casino.

Documents are required for online casino verification

First of all, you need a valid ID document such as your ID card or passport for the online casino verification. You will also be asked for a utility bill. This can be a gas, electricity or phone bill with your address on it. This must match the address you gave in the casino. In the case of credit card payments, the front of the card must also be shown. Either scans or color photos can be taken for all casino verification documents.

There are various options for transmitting the documents. In your account there is usually the menu item Upload documents, or you can use the e-mail address or the contact form. Sometimes it is even possible to send the documents via live chat, but you should contact customer service beforehand.

Your ID or passport must not have expired. You should also make sure when taking photos that your face is easily recognizable, because behind the photo there is a reflective safety feature that can lead to reflections.

The background to the utility bill is that the casino wants to make sure that you actually live at the address given. This evidence must not be older than three months and can be an invoice for telephone, electricity, gas, internet or ancillary costs. Make sure that the address on the invoice matches the address in your player account.

Documents are required for online casino verification

If you paid by credit card, a picture of the front will be required for casino verification. It is important that your name and the first and last four digits of the credit card number are clearly legible. The middle eight digits should be covered or blackened out.

How long does an online casino verification take?

Once all the documents for verification in the online casino have been uploaded or sent, the online casino checks all the information. If there are no problems, your status will be set to confirmed and the account is verified. Payouts are then processed immediately. No new proof of identity will be required for any further payments as long as you do not change your data in your customer account. The check usually takes between a few hours and a maximum of 2 days. With third-party providers such as Sofort, it usually takes a few minutes to complete.

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Online casino verification: step-by-step guide

Verify account online casino: The verification of the account is different depending on the casino and the required documents can vary slightly. As a rule, however, you will be told exactly which documents are required and what to do for the verification in the online casino. If in doubt, you should contact the customer service of your casino to clarify anything. Here we give you a general step-by-step guide to verifying your account, which is common in most online casinos.

  1. Register & log into the customer account
  2. Start verification
  3. Scan in the required documents or take a photo with your smartphone
  4. Submit documents
  5. Wait for confirmation from the provider

Why is verification so important in online casinos?

When a player registers in an online casino, the registration and the first deposit only take a few minutes and the money can be used immediately to play. However, when it comes to a payout, many customers are annoyed that their payout appears to be delayed by not providing proof of identity.

By registering, however, players agree to the general terms and conditions, which can of course be viewed in advance, whereby they assure, among other things, that they are of legal age. The casino receives further information about its customers through the selected payment method. Sometimes this data is already sufficient so that no further documents are required.

However, if the payout amount exceeds € 2,000, the casino must request further documents and complete the proof of identity in order to avoid money laundering. Therefore, no provider can do without verifying the account in the online casino.

In some online casinos even more documents are required to prove the origin of the assets or the origin of the money. In this context, the terms “Source of Funds” or “Source of Wealth”, or SoF or SoW for short, are often used. Customer service will explain exactly which documents you will need in this case.

What do “SoF” and “SoW” mean and which documents must the player present?

Occasionally you will come across two terms for verifying the account in the online casino, which we still have to clarify:

  • SoW – Origin of assets: This is about explaining where the money comes from for the verification in the online casino. The simplest explanation would be that you are employed and receive a monthly salary.
  • SoF – Origin of the money: Where does the money come from that you have paid in? For the quick verification in the online casino, the last three pay slips can be used to prove where the money came from. To do this, you should present your bank statements from the last three months, which prove that the money has actually been received in your account.

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