Roshtein Casino Streamer DECEIVER

Roshtein Casino Streamer DECEIVER

Roshtein is one of the most popular international casino streamers, broadcasting on Twitch and YouTube. This streamer has the appearance of a funny gypsy dwarf and constantly entertains his audience with his silly gestures, ridiculous facial expressions, and attitude, acting like a clown 99% of the time on his streams. However, immature viewers appreciate his streaming manner and acting talent. He has almost 850,000 followers on Twitch, where he streams casino shows. During breaks, he interrupts to play video games and talk about everyday things, so it’s not always a live casino broadcast.

Why is streamer Roshtein mocked in Russia?

On his broadcasts Roshtein is constantly trying to improve his appearance, switching outfits, hats and hairstyles, and this attracts the attention of young viewers. It is certainly a nice and jolly show, but this stream has almost nothing to do with gambling, although Roshtein is a high roller and plays at high stakes in European online casinos.

A lot of internet users are already aware that the famous casino streamer Roshtein exposed himself while streaming, since he accidentally showed that he was playing for chips. During the stream, Roshtein had switched from real money mode to a demo game and his balance did not change.

Well, the problem was that the casino he was playing at should automatically switch from real money to demo credits when he loaded the demo version. But since that didn’t happen, attentive viewers instantly developed a reasonable suspicion of the streamer’s dishonesty.

Roshtein states that he plays with his own money, but this is contrasted by the fact that he never shows his deposits and withdrawals. The streamer was very shocked after realizing that he had shown something that viewers shouldn’t have seen. He quickly closed the slot, claiming that it was his real balance, but many viewers had already seen him pushing the demo game button.

This situation suggests the following simple conclusion: the casino has a really deep relationship with the streamer, and is treating him in a special way. According to a few not very smart viewers, it was just a glitch, but before that the streamer was unable to open the demo version without logging in, although it can be done by any unlogged user; it is also highly suspicious that Roshtein himself did not try to understand and focus on this, and quickly closed the game.
All of this explains in clear terms why Roshstein is ridiculed in Russia: not only does he behave inadequately and clownishly, but he also happens to be a crook, frankly speaking.

Why does Roshtein always win a lot of money?

A lot of us have repeatedly witnessed how some streamers get very large winnings almost on a regular basis. And here we are talking not about winnings of a few hundred bets, but about winnings of several thousand bets, i.e. winnings, which some of us do not get even once in ten years of regular slots play. Moreover, these winnings often happen to them literally from the beginning of the gambling session.

Clearly, streamer Roshtein achieved these winnings by his hard work and his own skill, so he doesn’t need luck. As he wishes, the millions of dollars will be transferred from the casino to his pocket. However, the incident with the demo game has shown that eventually the streamer is not playing with his own money. Any dishonest casino and similar streamers can make a deal, so eventually the streamer gets the money from the casino, which he only spins and would never be able to withdraw.

In fact, there is no problem until streamers start convincing their viewers that they are gambling using their own money. Viewers are likely to believe that everything is fair. After seeing big bets, and accordingly big winnings, they will also want to do the same and will go to register in a promoted casino.

Who watches Roshtein?

Nowadays, the dishonest streamers are focused on any sort of hype for their audience and do their best to encourage their viewers to follow the casino’s referral link and actually try to play. This is what you can see on Roshtein’s stream: a well-planned show from a fake millionaire, games with huge bets per spin, awesome acting for the winning and losing moments, and so on.

The casino management sets certain game settings for the streamer’s account and he begins to score a bunch of bonus games with great multipliers. The naive and unintelligent viewers would be admired by such streamers, and they would try to learn how to play as cool as he does. You can see several thousand regular viewers on Roshtein’s streams, but part of them are bots, and the rest are either goofy players who don’t know about the real state of things, or just kids who came here to watch how some streamer makes silly jokes and looks at the huge numbers on the screen.

Any adult and intelligent individual is well aware that on this stream he will only be watching a clown, because he won’t find any professional gambling, any top skills or useful advice here. As for the show and his acting performance, here Roshtein totally fails compared with top streamers of Twitch and Youtube.

In the end, we can say that if you really like Roshtein as a personality and a host of his show, then you can watch him easily. For the rest of us, there is really nothing to do on this dishonest man’s stream.

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